Metro Siege and DaemonClaw : Origins of Nnar​ - Two fabulous retro games gets a WIP October 4th diary update(Amiga/PC/Sega Mega Drive)

Here we are with another retro gaming news story, as we've just been told by our good friend Per Ola Eriksson, that Pixelglass in cooperation with BitBeamCannon and Enable Software, have shown off some brand new work in progress footage of the eagerly awaited 'Metro Siege' and 'DaemonClaw'; Two incredible games that are in development, with one being a high quality brawler in co-op with from Indie Retro News via IFTTT

None Of Us - An Among Us inspiration arrives on the Commodore Amiga via Electric Black Sheep

For a little while now we've been featuring Electric Black Sheep's upcoming Amiga game of 'Project Quest'; a game inspired by basic shooting elements such as Commando, with a mix of Chaos Engine set in a fantasy theme. Well if you're still waiting for that game to be finished and want something to play during the mean time, you can check out Electric Black Sheep's latest game of 'None of Us'; An from Indie Retro News via IFTTT

Designer Diary: Lacrimosa

by Gerard Ascensi 1. Introitus In October 2020, we finished the development of 1998 ISS — designer diary here — and we did not have any specific idea for our next game. One day, Gerard was listening to Mozart's Requiem while working. The Lacrimosa movement began and...eureka! From what he recalled from his years in Vienna, there was a story that may work for a game. The original music sheet of Mozart's Lacrimosa In our first meetings, Ferran was adamant that Mozart had to be a central figure. Our main goal before starting any development was deciding the story that the game had to tell: Who would we be while playing? This question had several reasonable answers, but with different results regarding thematic credibility. We decided to delve into Mozart's life, focusing on his later years, to gather documentation. We also did some research on how society worked at the time and what the role and relevance of musicians was in that context. Game design allows y

The Darkness Below - This upcoming dungeon crawler for the PC looks amazing!! (+Demo)

First Person Dungeon Crawlers have a huge fan base on Indie Retro News, so many of us love games such as Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Ishar and even ones just released on the Amiga such as the great Shadows of Sergoth or Black Dawn Rebirth. Well here we are with another special announcement especially if you love dungeon crawlers, as Sabbas Eleftheriadis has shown off some brand new from Indie Retro News via IFTTT

SPIEL '22 Previews: Evergreen and Viking See-Saw

by W. Eric Martin Starting in the mid-2010s, Gen Con came to be a SPIEL launching pad for European publishers, with them demoing a game — or even releasing it in small quantities — ahead of the game's "official" debut at SPIEL. At Gen Con 2022, Italian publisher Horrible Guild did this for Hjalmar Hach 's Evergreen , bringing a few hundred copies to sell to early adopters and give away to media people like yours truly in the hope that they will cover the game ahead of SPIEL, and by George, I fell for their trap! In Evergreen , each player builds a forest on their own world game board, drafting a card from a shared pool each round that gives them a bonus action as well as a main action in a particular biome on their world, either placing sprouts in empty locations or growing what's been planted previously. Whatever card isn't drafted in the round is set aside and affects endgame scoring. At the end of each of the four rounds, you score for (1) how

Art Director Diary: CATAN: Dawn of Humankind

by Morgan Dontanville The art direction for CATAN: Dawn of Humankind came as a reaction to the original game, The Settlers of the Stone Age from 2002. That older game was a daring project of its own era packed with art and history that perfectly captured the techniques of its time. When we revamped the game design, we knew we needed to make it equally contemporary in artistic direction. We wanted to showcase the unspoiled beauty of the world with vivid flora and striking fauna before humans had left their indelible mark. A notable feature of the art on this game is that the cover and different parts of the interior art were done by several artists. Generally, CATAN games are illustrated by one artist and a graphic designer. This game broke that mold and still managed to have a fully cohesive feeling, for which we credit our amazing artists. Cover Art: Across the Bering Strait We reached out to a number of different artists to see their visions for the cover art. While we a

RogueCraft - A new Amiga roguelike from Badger Punch Games is coming and it looks good!

If you have an Amiga you are sure to like this latest news story we've come across on Twitter, as if you were hoping to play the C64 version of 'Rogue64' by Badger Punch Games but didn't get the chance, then make sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming release of 'RogueCraft'; The creators popular C64 game Rogue64, with a Lovecraft-inspired theme, and loads more features that is coming to the from Indie Retro News via IFTTT