Inspector Inch - Unreleased Isometric ZX Spectrum game sees the light of day

There are a lot of readers on our site that remember and have enjoyed the 1980's Isometric games from Ultimate Play the Game, such as Gunfright, Pentagram and even Knight Lore on systems such as the Amstrad, C64 or ZX Spectrum. So you can see why I just had to mention this cool little game that has just been lost and found, and that's Inspector Inch; an isometric ZX Spectrum game created by from Indie Retro News via IFTTT

Game Overviews: My Bad Farm Shop Company, or Building Spaces on Your Base

by W. Eric Martin Despite their looks, Rüdiger Dorn 's My Farm Shop from Pegasus Spiele and Bad Company from Kenneth Minde , Eilif Svensson , Kristian Amundsen Østby , and Aporta Games feel like close cousins, with John D. Clair's Space Base being somewhere not too distant on the ancestral chain. In all three games, players have their own tableau with spaces numbered 2-12 — although in My Farm Shop the spaces loop, so 2 & 12 are the same space — and over the course of the game, you modify what's in those spaces so that ideally you get more and better effects when those numbers are rolled on dice, whether during your turn as active player or the turns of other players. Activating an 8 in My Farm Shop The dice selection works differently in each game, giving players differing degrees of control over what happens: • In Space Base , the active player rolls two dice, and each player can use the dice individually (e.g., 2 and 6) or summed (8). • In Bad C

Escape the Wandering Towers, and Push People Around

by W. Eric Martin As far as I can tell, German publisher ABACUSSPIELE has only one new title in its catalog for the first half of 2022 — a family game from the famed design team of Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling titled Die wandelnden Türme , or "The Wandering Towers". Here's an overview of this 2-6 player game that appears to be scheduled for release in March 2022: In Die wandelnden Türme, you want to bring all of your wizards home to the raven castle before anyone else. To set up the game, place the game board tiles into a circle, the raven castle on its starting space, and the nine towers clockwise from the castle; five towers have a raven shield on them. Distribute the players' wizards — 3-5 based on the player count — on the towers, and deal each player a hand of three cards. On a turn, play a movement card from your hand, then play a second movement card, then refill your hand to three cards. Cards allow you to move one of your wizards, a tower

Become a Gotham City Detective in Batman: Everybody Lies

by W. Eric Martin To follow up my earlier post about narrative games in which you solve mysteries, Polish publisher Portal Games has announced a deal with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, DC, and Genuine Entertainment in which it will create and publish "officially licensed tabletop games set within the DC Universe featuring Batman characters". The first title to be released under this deal will be Batman: Everybody Lies , a design by Ignacy Trzewiczek and Weronika Spyra that uses the co-operative deduction game system found in Portal's 2018 release Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game . Here's an overview of this title, which will have a preorder campaign open on March 4, 2022 ahead of a Q2 2022 release: Batman: Everybody Lies is a crime-solving deduction game for 2-4 players set in rich lore of the Batman comics universe. Players take on the roles of four key investigators — instinctive journalist Warren Spacey, tenacious reporter Vicki Vale, brutish de

No Release from More Escape Room Games

by W. Eric Martin Have we reached peak "escape room game" yet? Absolutely not, with the prime evidence for the continuation of this trend being KOSMOS ' sales report of over 14 million games in its Exit: The Game line. KOSMOS is adding still more titles to this line and its Adventure Games series in 2022, in addition to localizing the narrative game series Cartaventura and Suspects . • Who else is releasing titles in a similar vein? In Q4 2021, Dutch publisher Jumbo launched a pair of titles branded as "Jonathan Eaton's Houses of Treasure". Here's the backstory that is meant to encompass all future releases in this series: Jonathan Eaton, billionaire and entrepreneur of Vestigium Industries, combines his work as manager of the largest corporation in the world with adventures and discoveries in temples, catacombs, and ancient labyrinths. The world is shocked when Eaton announces his resignation, then shocked again when he announces that he will

PAC-MAN - Another ZX Spectrum version of Pac Man appears!

There have been many Pac-Man games mentioned on Indie Retro News, from Jr. Pac-Man on the Intellivision, a Pac-Man game on the Pico-8, and even the latest Pac-Hack on the ZX Spectrum (All of these vary in style to the 1980's hit classic that can still be found today sitting as a port beside an Atari 2600). Well here we are with another Pac-Man game, as we've just found out trawling through the from Indie Retro News via IFTTT

Black Dawn TechnoMage - The next Amiga AGA game in the Black Dawn Saga gets a demo!

We've featured many Dungeon Crawlers on Indie Retro News, from Black Dawn Rebirth which is a high grade crawler as the 7th episode of the Black Dawn Dungeon Crawler/RPG series by Colin Vella, Shaun Watters, Ten Shu and Mike Richmond. To ' The Shadows of Sergoth '; a game which blew many of us away with fast coded graphics, deadly monsters and cool loot to find throughout that's still available to from Indie Retro News via IFTTT